Mobile app (ios, android, windows) is a music streaming app used by over 1 million users. By borrowing music from a wide range of online library, you get access to unlimited tracks.

Role / UX, UI
Client type / B2C
Tools / Photoshop, Illustrator

Based on's unique interface, this ios7 version was redesigned with a flat design style, brighter colour scheme, icons / CTAs, and an overall better usability.


Following the geometrical style and the how traditional equaliser works, the 2D gradient cut circle fits perfectly with the sound wave whilst in motion, creating a visual enjoyment in all forms.

Collaborate to improve app performance

To improve the usability, we discussed with the marketing team what parts tended to drop out. The main sections now offer an introduction process which facilitates users the opportunity to "borrow" tracks and access the library section, whilst customising them with the interface regarding its operating system and where it sits.


UX / Share and receive a playlist

We consider perspectives including ownership (collaborative or read-only), sharing permission (based on subscription), and shareable content (local or online).

Product design

Campaign &
Graphic design