Emotional user experience   

“Being happy is one of the most functional thing” - an old craftworker who creates toys and tells beautiful stories once told me. It strikes me how much “visible” user experience we value and how less emotional user experience we took for granted, and yet is as much important.

This section collects works that create emotion - joy, rewarding, excited, wanting to engage, anxious - depending on the brief. By creating the momentum, it creates a flow and directs users to move smoothly through the journey.  

(spacious, bright, ease)
(not straightforward, yet still with a clear goal)

(pointing upwards, one direction, strength)

Loading screens
A sequence that delivers a message of joy.

An unexpected animation that brings together all the animals you’ve encountered.

Combining UI with function

The light/shadow follows users’ cursor and creates a spooky feeling, which triggers the need of purchasing.