Emotional user

Animation, app, web design
A veteran toy artisan once remarked to me: “Being happy is one of the most functional things”. His sentiment encapsulated the imbalance between the functional over the emotional in craftsmanship. This section compiles works that arouse emotions such as joy, reward, excitement, conviviality, and anxiety- depending on the brief. We believe adding a bespoke momentum creates a flow that directs users to move smoothly through this user experience.
Role / art direction, UI, animation
Client type / B2C
Tools / Photoshop, Illustrator

Peace, balance
The horizon indicates the continuity of space, and big proportion of empty space creates a spacious, peaceful feeling. This journey’s dot structure is symmetrical, with two branches meeting in a double lock.

The many obstacles that obscure the horizon are all part of the journey. Determination is conveyed through the snail.

The upward pointing triangles give a clear direction and strength. Hedgehog is also animal that has pointing shapes.


Loading screens
A sequence that delivers a message of joy.

A surprise animation that brings together all the animals you’ve encountered.  

Combining UI with function.

The light/shadow follows users’ cursor and creates a spooky feeling, which stimulates the need of purchasing.

Product design

Campaign &
Graphic design