Web app, ios, android, windows

HideMyAss is a VPN service with millions of users. It's famous for it's very detailed functions that allows advanced users to customise their settings. As the VPN marketing expands, it’s trying to gain more users including people who just want to connect Netflix in another country, or protect their privacy. The challenge here is to design a user friendly interface, in both UX and UI perspective.

After some user research, initial wireframe and testing and modifying, we have three modes to cover some most common user cases. There’s an expansion view which is one more click away, and it allows advanced users to use all the previous functions which better organised category. 

Design process

Organise almost 200 countries to catagories

Persona and initial wireframe

We talked to some colleagues in the office and basically includes most of the user cases: there are some developers who knows and uses all the bits and bobs in the app, some others who uses them and keep their favourite settings once they’re all set up, and the rest are people who just want to use VPN to achieve a simple tasks such as changing IP country.